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Collaborate in These Unique Dwellings

Here’s How

Cubikoo Pavilions presently launching globally through developments, projects, and other opportunities. If you would like to be involved as a collaborator either in development, investment, or provider of the locally sourced materials and elements, please contact us to begin the process.

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Sustainable in every meaning of the word

Real sustainability transcends materials and supply chains to aspire to an easy daily life of lower consumption to be less costly in resources, energy, and capital. It also means maintainable, or in our vision, effortlessly excellent living. These spaces must aspire and inspire while also being liveable, welcoming, and deeply comfortable. Each resident’s sustainability is unique, but all meet the same values of quality, minimized demand, and greater impact on the world around them. These 3 principles are infused throughout each home and its creation process:

Sustainable Development:

  • Landscape: preserve and nurture as much nature as possible, incorporating into the home.

  • Materials: curricular economy, locally sourced, reduced carbon footprint in manufacturing and delivery, multiple sustainable impacts through creation and implementation.

  • Design: adjustable to be responsive to local and landscape realities and needs.


Sustainable Spaces:

  • Structure: maximized for energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and bioclimatic architecture.

  • Multiple Use Elements: a roof is not just a roof, but also has photovoltaic cells, walls and surfaces have carbon consuming compounds, and innovative storage abounds to maximize space.

  • Access to Nature: The boundary between indoors and outdoors is blurred to break the frontiers between the residents and the natural world around them.


Sustainable Living:

  • Lifestyle: the home assists and inspires the resident through layout, design, and SMART tech to live sustainably.

  • Maintenance: excellent routines such as cleaning and care are made effortless through the holistic design. As they wear out, materials are replaced through circular economy solutions.

  • Inspiration: the entire tangible ethos of the Cubikoo Pavilion calls the residents to live their best lives.

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