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Unique Worlds of Exellent Daily Living

The Stories

Edward van Vliet has spent years seeking out and apprenticing himself to the excellence of human creativity. He's discovered the deep wisdom within timeless traditions, the rich biographies in the warp and weft of fabrics, and the patterns of hope and desire lived into the shapes of dwellings from around the world. Using the vast wealth of this raw material, he's created the stories of the Journeys of OmarOwen, the ultimate culmination of inspiration for all his work.


These stories are used to curate personalized living worlds for each Cubikoo resident, based on their own identity and quality of life.

The Scenes

To harmonize each room of the Cubikoo Pavilion to the identity DNA of each resident, Edward van Vliet uses the customizable Rooms of Origins. These scenes, inspired by the stories of OmarOwen, are purposefully designed to instill a rich and sustainable quality of daily life. 

Explore some examples below, each space in a Cubikoo Pavilion is a room of origin, articulating the ancient wisdom and sublime aesthetic of OmarOwen into a home.

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