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The Cubikoo Pavilions, developed as elegant eco-luxury homes, are designed around a energy-generating roof supported by ten columns. There are packages of options to fill out this clean, inviting space. The building materials and methods are natural and sustainable, sourced on the location where the pavilions are built. Residents move seamlessly between indoors and out as the pavilions are integreated into nature. A luxury oasis awaits the resident, with layered handcrafted materials and high-tech features that can be customized to fit each individual's needs. The pavilions are designed to be an ecologic escape with a zen atmosphere, offering unique experiences as one passes through each layer of the design. Every pavilion is a unique work of art, with its own distinct personality created through the combination of materials.

Ricarda, Montsants and Formentera are the three houses of Cubikoo Pavilions.

Each housing has been developed with the aim to understand the residents’ needs and the surroundings.
Their construction is based on the topography of each site, hence each house is unique adapting to the piece of land.



Layout A



Layout B



Layout C


Committed to offering innovative and contemporary ways of living in harmony with the environment and the community, Cubikoo is dedicated to adopting sustainable practices that address future environmental challenges.

Our housing development exclusively utilizes locally-sourced materials, effectively reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing our environmental impact.

Furthermore, the architectural design of the buildings is thoughtfully oriented to maximize the capture of natural light and heat. These elements play a crucial role in maintaining stable temperatures within the homes and minimizing energy consumption.

Every house within our development is equipped with self-consumption systems. This means that during daylight hours, the energy generated is entirely renewable, ensuring that our energy demand is met with green energy. Any surplus energy, when air conditioning is not in use, is directed towards general energy consumption, further promoting sustainability.

To further enhance our commitment to self-sufficiency, we've implemented a rainwater collection and storage system in underground tanks. This harvested rainwater can be utilized according to the preferences of the residents, marking a significant step towards achieving energy independence.

Cubikoo also offers the option of customized glass solar panels in a variety of colors, allowing homeowners to seamlessly integrate renewable energy solutions while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their residences.

At Cubikoo, our ultimate goal is to attain complete energy self-sufficiency, all while offering a contemporary and sustainable way of living.

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